Do you want to sell the things you produce? I cannot make promises like super professional companies that offer you high-priced offers. However, I can make a simple but effective E-Commerce site where you can sell your products and operate your business.

For this purpose, I took the domain name “” and made this site as an example. You can look at it if you want. If your business sees such a site, you can ask me for an offer.

I would like to briefly talk about this site and what it can do.

  • No need for big budgets. It can be done with an acceptable reasonable budget. The rest is labor and then experience as time passes …
  • After the design and placement is finished, training can be given for the pages and products to be added to your site.
    It has a numerous product add structure. However, from the very beginning, it is useful to do product labeling and product classification. Because if you do this, this will provide you with convenience in the future.
  • Product details and features are important. Processing the details on the site will make you different from the others. But don’t overwhelm it, you have to be careful.
  • If you have virtual POS service, you can sell it with this method, or you can sell it to your IBAN number. (Each sale has a sales number, so you can easily control orders.)
  • You can also sell products without opening the company.
  • On the product home page, you can see many detailed information on the same screen, such as the list of all sold products, stock information, how much they are sold, how much they have been rated.
  • Ability to see information about the fate of orders placed on the order screen.
  • Your requesting visitor can become a member of your site using the membership system, then change the membership information.
  • You can also sell without membership.
  • You can apply special discounts on product sales (you can determine the time interval).
  • By creating special “Discount Coupons” in product sales, you can ensure that your customers benefit from these discount coupons in sales.
  • You can use the stock system. By entering the stock value information, you can see when the stock is running low, and when the stock is finished, you can cut the sale.
  • I wrote above what came to my mind in the first place. You can browse and visit the site.

Thank you.